Hopefully you are one of my readers who came from My Part of Colorado.


I moved here because I sort of outgrew Blogger. I called this site “Paul Merrill” because that’s who I am. I’m still in Colorado but thought people might recognize me if my site was named after me. Just personally, I hesitated to name this site with my name because I’m modest (in some ways), but I guess it just makes sense in terms of staking out my real estate on the old www.

A cool thing is that I can change my site name in a minute (to “World of Shiny Bits”) with my url remaining the same. So maybe I will, at some point.

And to those of you who frequent this blog, you may have noticed that this is about my fourth or fifth theme in about as many days. I like this one (Vigilance), as it has a serif font for the body text! Strangely, few of the themes out there use a serif font for the body. (Developers, take note!!) I do admit that this current theme is a bit boring, visually. We’ll see. Stay tuned for another theme coming soon, probably.


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