Dell Adamo vs. MacBook Air


“From the Latin, meaning ‘to fall in love'” vs. from the English, meaning very lightweight.

So, Dell came out with a new laptop.

The designer discusses his inspirations in a YouTube video “…the use of kindling material…” And the background music on the video is so ten years ago.

“Adamo was created to elicit desire…” I wouldn’t call that a worthy goal in producing a product. (Hello? Function?)

1.2 ghz for $2000?! Compare that to the 1.6 ghz Air for $1800. Well, there is no comparison. (Admittedly, the Dell has a flash hard drive, which would bring the Air up to $2300.)

And yes, Dell followed Apple a mere 14 months later. (Remember, in computer time, that’s 27 years.)


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  1. i was reading up on this just yesturday. it made me laugh. Mac book Air would never do all that i wanted a laptop to do. But honestly, dell trying to copy it is simply stupid. They are NEVER going to get one up on apple design ever! and the price tag is stupidly high, and for £500 ($100 at the mo 😉 ) you can get a better laptop, just it will be in black, and maybe a little heavier.

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