Easy and clean

car tailpipeIt’s very easy – and clean – to turn off your vehicle when you’re parked.

If you do not let your vehicle’s engine idle when you are parked, you will win for all these reasons:

– Your engine will last longer.

– You won’t send pollution into the lungs of the bicycle rider or pedestrian who might be near.

– You will save money.

– You will prevent the environmental impact of transporting that extra fuel to your local gas station.

If you want to run your vehicle’s heater or air conditioner, consider instead going into the nearest building. It will probably be climate controlled. Your friend can meet you there.


2 Replies to “Easy and clean”

  1. Funny thing we learned our first winter in Fairbanks…you DON’T turn off your engine while parked for less than 45 minutes. When it’s -40 degrees out you want a toasty car to return to. Go to the grocery store parking lot in January and 90% of the cars are running.

    1. Barb, Alaska is a different situation than the lower 48, for sure. You are very much justified in idling your vehicles there during the long winter!

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