Things of beauty


There’s a whole shop window filled with old Mac towers. It’s Denver’s Mac Outlet.

I used to work on one of those. I say “on” – as I took it apart to add memory, put a new hard drive in, add a video card, etc. I learned a lot about hardware that way. In comparison, changing out the hard drive to my MacBook Pro was like brain surgery. I remember how easy it was to just pop the side off, do the deed, and put it back together. No more.

I am reminded of growing up. We had a series of Volkswagens. My dad was always working on them. His bedside reading was How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. He let me and my brother “help”. That is something I have struggled with as a dad. Thankfully, car repairs have been minimal, but house repairs (or projects) seem to be an on-going part of life. Our house was built in 1965 or so, and things just wear out.

So my challenge has been to teach my boys how to do repairs. I usually take the lazy way out and do it myself. Bad me! Laziness is rarely the best way forward. As you know.


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  1. I have “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive” on my bookshelf. I can see it right now. I used to need it often. Maybe someday I’ll need it again. I’ve never found a “How to Keep Your Ford Alive.” Go figure. On the Mac front, yep, worked on them too, memory, hard drives, etc. Waiting for the new 8-core at work in May or June!

  2. Please keep on with teaching your kids … My dad is SO handy, can make or fix about anything. But he always found it easier to get it done without our help )-: as a result I have many “genetic abilities” (I can feel them lurking in me!) but never got the chance to practice with a master!

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