You can’t judge a book


Cherry Hills Village is one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in Denver. You wouldn’t know it by their sign. Stonegate is also a Denver neighborhood (near Parker). It’s normal upper-middle-class new houses. They spent a bit more on their signage.

I guess those responsible for the Cherry Hills Village signage feel like their residents don’t need to tell everyone how fancy they are. Or maybe they forgot they had signs outside and thus haven’t updated them for 30 years.

Takeaway: This is one of those things you already know. But I’m just reminding you (and me) to remember this basic truth… What is on the outside may have no relation to the reality of what is on the inside.


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  1. And the cool thing about CHV is that though we couldn't nearly (ever probably) afford to live there, God gave us such a sweet deal thru a kind landlord. And even cooler: 2 of our children were born at home there, hence Cherry Hills Village is listed as their place of birth on their certificates.

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