This neighborhood is a nice little bicycle ride from where we live. I enjoyed riding past these homes during a rare weekday morning off.

My question for you: Why would the builder make the homes so uniform? And not only were they built exactly the same (oops – two variants), they were built in a very straight line. Why?

I couldn’t think of any good reasons.


5 Replies to “Sameness”

  1. our neighborhood is like that. maybe it's some unmentioned need to conform to society…sounds a bit like a commune to me 😛

    1. not just like that. . .definitely, there are no straight lines in this area, city, maybe even country. Also check out the color patterns, ehem, or lack there of in our town. . . ANYthing goes, no codes, no covenants (no taste sometimes. . .oops)

  2. I don't read too much into this kind of thing. I'd guess it's the Benjamins. Templates are just efficient. To save on cost, a lot of the highschools in Highlands Ranch have the exact same layout.

  3. Thanks, Hannah & Dave.

    True – the cost savings is a huge factor for "sameness".

    And actually, in that neighborhood, the basic home is attractive – I'd just find it hard to be one in the middle of that long row.

  4. I agree with Dave — it must be a cost thing for the developer — one plan, buy everything in bulk. Even where we live (near Richmond, VA), there are only a limited number of house styles in our neighbourhood.

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