This neighborhood is a nice little bicycle ride from where we live. I enjoyed riding past these homes during a rare weekday morning off.

My question for you: Why would the builder make the homes so uniform? And not only were they built exactly the same (oops — two variants), they were built in a very straight line. Why?

I couldn’t think of any good reasons.


5 Replies to “Sameness”

  1. our neighborhood is like that. maybe it’s some unmentioned need to conform to society…sounds a bit like a commune to me 😛

    1. not just like that…definitely, there are no straight lines in this area, city, maybe even country. Also check out the color patterns, ehem, or lack there of in our town… ANYthing goes, no codes, no covenants (no taste sometimes…oops)

  2. I don’t read too much into this kind of thing. I’d guess it’s the Benjamins. Templates are just efficient. To save on cost, a lot of the highschools in Highlands Ranch have the exact same layout.

  3. Thanks, Hannah & Dave.

    True — the cost savings is a huge factor for “sameness”.

    And actually, in that neighborhood, the basic home is attractive — I’d just find it hard to be one in the middle of that long row.

  4. I agree with Dave — it must be a cost thing for the developer — one plan, buy everything in bulk. Even where we live (near Richmond, VA), there are only a limited number of house styles in our neighbourhood.

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