The old retooling thing


I spotted this license plate and couldn’t miss the irony. Here is a journalist parking in downtown Chicago and they can’t afford any car except a rusted-out model. (Now I say that with awareness that a writer friend of mine drives the same car – and it’s a great car. Hers is in much better condition, however! And it’s a better car than our everyday car.)

Anyway, I’m not meaning to beat a good person when they’re down – but newspapers are closing, and any journalist that still has such a job is amazing.

Most journalists are retooling into some form of writers for websites and on-line news sources.

Takeaway: how are you working to retool today? I don’t say that to give you a gulit trip but rather to ask you to build onto your skills. I say that to myself too!


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  1. That license plate is probably WHY s/he is driving a rusted out Civic. 🙂 Personalized plates just seem like a waste of $ to me.

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