Stupid Mac thing


This may be a first, in my entire blogging history – me saying something bad about anything Apple.

Time Machine is an excellent part of Mac OS Leopard. It has saved my rear many times. (This is a backup feature whereby it transparently backs up your internal hard drive to an external drive, so that you can grab a file you deleted a month ago – or get yesterday’s version of that file you changed a lot. Or go into your email program and retrieve that email you deleted.)

The bad thing? When you are done retrieving that file, the way to exit Time Machine and return to normal life is by hitting the “Cancel” button. That’s stupid. It sounds like you will undo the file retrieval – when you just want to exit.

Apple: change the wording to “Exit” please.


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  1. Hmmm…my external hard drive just shows up as a disk on my desktop, and I can open a window just like any disk. From there it looks like I could copy anything I want. I’ve never needed to do this, so maybe there’s more to it than I think….

  2. It’s the same with ejecting a disk/CD/DVD by dragging it to the trash. A bit counterintuitive.

  3. True, Bob! Never thought of that.

    Deb – I just now tried copying a file to the Time Machine disc. That works.

  4. My HD died 6 weeks ago… got it replaced but it came with 10.4 as the original machine did, not 10.5. I had to install 10.5– but then Time Machine took over, and 18 hours later– I was back to where I was just before the HD conked out. I agree with you, the lingo could be more precise, but I am glad they have something as helpful as TM as part of the OS.

  5. i totally agree with this. It took me some time to figure out how to get out of Time Machine the first time b/c I didn’t want to “cancel” what I had just done.

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