Our blogs reflect our lives


I know that’s so basic. What can you write about except what you’re familiar with? Even if your blog is a business blog, your viewpoint on biz matters reflects your life.

I have always tried to write about stuff that I find interesting – and have hoped that others find it interesting too. That works, at some level. The people who keep coming back to this humble blog are those who resonate with my material at some level. Maybe I think differently enough from you for my stuff to be intriguing. Or maybe you think, “Hey, I think like that too! There aren’t many like us.”

But one thing is sure – I can’t write posts to get the most hits. Others do that better than me.


2 Replies to “Our blogs reflect our lives”

  1. And sometimes, at their best, our blogs reflect others, too. One of my readers talked about being a social media mirror, reflecting back the best of what his customers have to share with each other.

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