Fun Friday picture


I miss Gideon. He was the groundskeeper for our apartment complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

Yes, he used a totally natural palm branch as a broom to keep the driveway clean. Every day.


Myspace = bad


What is an invalid verb?!

(No reply from the techie perspective needed.)

My point is this — Myspace takes so long to load most of its pages that I always choose another option if I’m looking for info on a band. The automatic music player? I may not want to hear any music at that point of my day, thank you.

The June 15th edition of Time magazine reported that Facebook went from 22.5 million to 72.3 million visitors from April 2008 to April 2009. During the same period, Myspace went from 58.8 million down to 54.6 million.

Wake up, Myspace.


I’m so proud of her


It was three long years…

…but Heather got her Masters degree from the University of Denver last Friday. She worked hard and got straight A’s. (Sadly, there was no recognition of that in the ceremony.)

I can brag on her because I’m married to her.

One little story about that degree… She did about 80% of her courses on-line. The entire first year was completed while we lived in Nairobi, Kenya. Our connection to the internet there was extremely slow. She had to drop one of the courses because it was just impossible to download the needed materials.

Congratulations, Heather!


Apple doesn’t hate you


Yes, even if you don’t have the new iPhone, you can upgrade your software so that your current iPhone has some of the advantages of the new one. For free.

Hardware-wise, the new iPhone has a camera that will take video. If you watch their demo, you can see some of the cool ways it works. (There are two models — the 3G at $99 and the 3GS at $199 and $299. The S model does video, has autofocus and 16gb memory.)

More significant to me is the new line of MacBook Pros. Now I am more behind. Sigh. If only there were a free software upgrade for my Mac that would make it speedier. (Update: a new OS, Snow Leopard, is coming out in October for just $29. It is supposed offer “speed improvements for Mail, Safari 4, Spotlight and more”. That’s not free, but I’m not complaining, since previous OS upgrades hit me to the tune of about $129.)


What I learned from a mountain top


What goes up must come down.

It’s kind of a negative approach to this topic — but I think a little dose of healthy realism never hurts. You see, we always raise our expectations high. Often somehow in the back of our heads, we feel like that fun experience we’re looking forward to will last forever. It doesn’t. We all know that — but it’s good to remember that!

By the way, I took this photo on a backpacking weekend with my boys (and some friends) back in 2005. We had a great time. But driving back to suburbia wasn’t as fun as the drive to the trailhead.

Special thanks to Robert, who suggested this topic.


An espresso machine for everyone?


I had to take issue with my friends over at Starbucks.

You see, I have some friends in Africa who don’t have electricity. And the nearest coffee beans are a day away. (Not a good situation in which they should start drinking espresso.)

Yes, I know — there are espresso pots that can be cooked over an open fire. But when was the last time you saw that done?


The ultimate photographic project


The cover of a recent Time magazine had a very striking photograph of Michelle Obama.

I started thinking — it would be amazing if a person was photographed in one setting with controlled lighting. Then, the person they married was photographed at the same age, in the same setting, with the same lighting and using the same camera. Then, their child was photographed with the same etc. — and the same was done for four generations. Wouldn’t it be incredible to compare those photos?