A little history


I’ve spent most of my adult working life doing graphic design. I’ve done a lot of print, some web and a little interactive.

So as I was going through photos from my mom’s apartment, I came across this one. My dad took it sometime when I was in either high school or college. I was working on an art project. You’ll note the headphones. (Music has often been significant fuel for my art.)

When I went off to college, I majored in art because I was always the best artist in my small class. Soon I learned that I was a small fish in a big pond.

I chose graphic design because it was a tangible way to make a living with art. I minored in illustration because I could draw. I switched to package design after I realized that every time I created an illustration, it was like having a baby. I’m not a woman, so having babies is quite difficult.

I have done both illustration and package design during my career. These days, my life has very little of either.


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  1. Paul, I majored in philosophy in college, and if I tried to explain how that relates to what I do now, I could only give a highly nuanced, utterly philosophical answer.

    I like your old photos.

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