On the way up?


In these turbulent times, many are focused on whether they are going up or down. In your life, career, marriage, the stock market, whatever.

I certainly don’t know – for you or for me. Obviously we do need to keep a sense of optimism. But the one thing I do know is that I have to keep trusting God – the only rock I cling to.

By the way, I took this shot of my two boys on their way toward the summit of Redcloud Peak, last week – 14,034 feet above sea level. I was so proud of them – no complaints the whole way. Jay even carried my day pack and his too! They both ran circles around me.

As most people do, we also climbed Sunshine Peak – Colorado’s lowest 14’er at 14,001′. The hike between the two peaks was nothing to be sneezed at – that added about three hours to our day’s exercise.