It’s not about the hardware

Jay's dinosaur of a bike“You rode like the wind! Even on that dinosaur of a bike.”

That’s what a man told my son last weekend. My son just finished the Copper Triangle, a very challenging 80-mile race up and down three Rocky Mountain passes. The comment was made by a man who had a multiple-thousand dollar bicycle. Jay’s Mercier (less than a year old) cost all of about $350. Jay was able to complete the course with a significant margin over the fancy-bike man.

It’s all about the rider – and not the bike. This concept applies to just about anything. A true artist can make an amazing painting with house paint and dime store brushes. Many wanna-be artists spend thousands on supplies, only to produce paintings that are only seen in their own living rooms.


3 Replies to “It’s not about the hardware”

  1. I was thinking exactly this today as I was riding my 30 yr/old Miyata road bike. My bike rarely gets credit or blame from me for our performance.

    I had lunch yesterday with a fellow filmmaker who tries to get his students out of gadget-envy and into great storytelling. It’s so easy to focus on the toys and avoid the real, deeper issues.

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