Sometimes new is better

Old mailboxes in rural Colorado

My wife and I have this debate. She is happy with a postal delivery person carrying our mail to the box right by our front door. I am happy for the march of progress. I wouldn’t mind if one of the newer mailbox sheds (or whatever they are called) replaced the individual boxes in our neighborhood. I understand and appreciate the efficiency they represent, particularly in light of how the US postal system is getting in deeper debt every day. Also, the “sheds” offer better security (not that we’ve ever had anything stolen from our box – at least to my knowledge). I do admit to their complete lack of romance and beauty.

Heather likes the convenience of delivery to our front door.

Which do you prefer?

I took these photos in rural Colorado. I thought it was interesting to see the old and new side by side.

Old and new mailboxes in rural Colorado


4 Replies to “Sometimes new is better”

  1. In Belgium, you get it in your door if your house is at the sidewalk, in your mailbox on the side of the road if your house is set a bit back (with front yard) or in yours of a communal set of boxes if you live in an appartement.
    or in a bucket with a slot in the lid if you put one, when you have chickadees nestling in your mailbox. I must say I don’t like the modern one in the picture… very impersonal. and the half round mailbox is (to Belgians) almost like a symbol for the US. (you can buy them here and some people use them although you should have a mailbox with a slot. 23 cm by 3 cm no lower than 70 cm above ground and no higher than 1,70m)
    file under culture!

  2. Hey dad!
    We have the community mail boxes here at CSU and it seems pretty nice(I haven’t checked mine because I have been so busy hanging ou- whoops I meant studying really hard!)

  3. Hi, Paul! I’ve experienced both, and am currently living rural in a community that only services rural mail through boxes at the Post Office. This is my least favourite option!

    I like mail at the door best, but a “Superbox” at our corner (as they call them here in Canada) would still beat driving to town for mail any day of the week. 🙂

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