Add the unexpected

So we bought this Roku box recently. With the cheapest Netflix subscription (USA), it allows us to stream videos to our TV. We don’t have cable, so this is a great alternative.

Anyhow, you’ll notice the fabric “tag” on both the remote and the box itself. Roku stole the idea from Levi’s. (I don’t have a problem with that – Roku is not a competitor for Levi’s in any way!) But what a creative combination – fabric with hard shiny plastic!

Takeaway: What are some ways you can bring the unexpected into your work today?


2 Replies to “Add the unexpected”

  1. I enjoyed catching up with your blog today. I didn’t have much online time in Colombia, and when I did I was posting stuff related to my trip.

    Colombia has a number of clever things that I haven’t seen in the US, but right now I can’t remember what they all are. One is the combined bus-metro route, where you get a metro ticket from the driver when you pay your fare. There are two cablecar routes that are part of the metro system. Absolutely spectacular!

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