Pitch in for the sake of art


You may remember my post on labels. Well, my friend Lee is now collecting labels to create a work of art from. I’m also collecting for her.

If you would like to send me your labels, I’ll pass them on to Lee. I think I can convince her to let me post a picture of what she creates.

Just leave a comment. I can grab your email address from there, and I’ll send you my physical address. Or send me an email at phmerrill at g mail dot com.


2 Replies to “Pitch in for the sake of art”

  1. Maybe your friend can do something artistic by adding sandpaper to the piece, to signify the feeling associated with tags. Or possibly do the reverse, and place some angora next to the tags, or something like that.

    Dunno if anyone in your audience knows me–I’m getting bolder by the day, revealing my weird thoughts. Ha!

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