Too spread out

puck-coffeeWolfgang Puck made a mistake.

He published his first cookbook in 1981. He opened Spago, an exclusive restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1997. At some point he started selling canned soup alongside Campbell’s.

When did he go wrong? I’m not sure at what point this happened, but as is true for any company or human, when you spread yourself too thin, something suffers. Quantity is not my measure of success. I’d guess that Spago serves just as fine a meal as it did in 1997, but if I were a moth to the latest-hottest restaurants in LA, I’d probably not go there. In the back of my head would lie the knowledge that I would be eating a meal that could have come out of a can.

(By the way, the photo is from an instant coffee vending machine that bears his name. I didn’t try any.)


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  1. you are very right about this. If he had kept his high end restaurant I would have kept an idea that his food is exquisite. Not so much anymore .

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