Jury duty

jury-dutyFor the first time in my life, I was on a jury. It was for a man accused of unmentionable crimes. The evidence was truly shocking.

I learned that actual trials are not always like the TV shows. There were great stretches of extreme tedium. Their were graphic photographs. There were witnesses that contradicted themselves over and over. There was the defendant who did not speak a single word during the entire trial.

I feel like I took a bath in dirty water. The memories will take a while to wash away.

We ruled the defendant not guilty. Very reluctantly. There was not enough evidence to convict him. After the trial ended, the judge told us that defendant had been in prison for the last seven years – and that his case had come back to trial two other times resulting in hung juries! Aaaugh!

Though our judicial system is very flawed, I still feel like it is one of the best in the world.

The picture? I amused myself during some of the tedious stretches by sketching.


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  1. I have never been called for jury duty. I kind of wish I was so I could have first hand experience inside the courtroom.

    Sorry you had such a horrible case.

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