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ipadYes, Apple’s iPad was released yesterday.

I think it will sell a massive amount. Basically, it’s a Kindle, an iPod Touch, and a keyboard-less* MacBook, all rolled into one. It has a much prettier interface than the Kindle. You can do anything that requires the internet when you have a wifi connection – or if you don’t (and spend more), you can do it cellular-ly via AT&T (in some parts of the USA). It sounds like there will be a reasonable deal on that too – $30 for one month’s unlimited data service.

Some of the apps look to be pushed even further than their Mac or iPhone equivalents. And they are reasonably priced ($30 instead of $79 for the full iWork suite).

Prices range from $499 to $829, depending on storage capacity (16-64 gb) and whether you add the 3G internet connection capability. Sounds like a deal to me – for what you get! Availability? “Sign up here, and we’ll contact you when iPad is available to order.” (Could be two weeks. But I’d guess a month-and-a-half.)

For me? I won’t be getting one anytime soon, because I can’t afford it – and because I’m too shy to be that cutting-edge. But if someone gave me one? I’d suck up my pride and settle for being that cutting edge.

(Photo from the Apple site.) *You will be able to get an external keyboard – but it will probably cost something outrageous like $79.


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  1. The iPad fills an interesting niche. Like you, I can’t see myself getting one anytime soon. I’m no market analyst, but it looks positioned to [perhaps] be a MacBook Air killer. While not full-powered or feature-rich enough to be the only computer for most folks, it would be a very good option for someone who wanted a highly portable computer for travel or times when one didn’t want a laptop.

    It’s missing some key hardware features. Two that immediately come to mind are USB for printing, connecting to external devices, or USB networking (if that’s ever perfected) and a camera as this is a great device for video chats or conferences.

    1. Great analysis, Bob. Totally agreed that if there were a video camera, it would be a lot more useful. Maybe Apple (or AT&T) didn’t want that because that would mean people would use iChat or Skype like a phone.

      I *think* there might be some USB adapter available.

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