I will never understand

detritus…Why people throw things out the window of their car. That is a mentality I just cannot get a grasp of.

I remember a friend in Texas who grew up in New York state. He married a woman from “the Valley” of Texas – way south. Whenever he visited her family, he was amazed at how many people there threw their trash out the windows of their moving cars (or trucks, as the case might have been).

Their marriage did not last. I don’t think their differences in trash placement was the reason.

Anyhow, I am the opposite of a trash-thrower. I actually pick it up. If it’s recyclable, I’ll do that. (My immediate family usually nods and smiles. And I try to not pick up any if we are in the company of others we know.)

Finally, my little tale of redeeming some of the bad effects of trash… when I was in Kenya, I created photographic art out of the rubbish I found on beaches & along the sides of the road. Here are a few examples.


3 Replies to “I will never understand”

  1. In my very humble opinion … I am not the designer, after all … I think it would be cool to do something with your rubbish art on your blog title or background. In my mind, I link the literal “shiny bits” with the metaphorical “shiny bits.”

    I don’t think it would be vain to do so.

  2. When I was a kid, some of the buses in MedellĂ­n had signs that said, “Keep the bus clean. Throw your trash out the window.”

  3. Johanna – if I change my blog’s template, I may take you up on that. (Currently, the header has no place for any images.)

    Tim – love that!

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