Car design trends

car-design-trendsTop: The forth-coming Audi A8. Notice the resemblance to the front of a train. That design trend started in Europe because their pedestrian safety laws forced vehicle fronts to be more horizontal and less pointy.

Bottom: Matte-finish paint seemed to be popping up in a few places among the cars we saw at the Denver Auto Show. My son Jay and I both liked the visual effect. (Left is a Lamborghini and right is a Lexus.)


3 Replies to “Car design trends”

  1. I like the retro feel of the Audi grill. Never thought about pedestrian safety, but I suppose it makes sense.

    The only cars I’ve had with a matte finish were 15-20 years old and rusty…

  2. I haven’t seen these new matte finishes. Do they feel as they look, which to me is like flat paint? Or are they smooth & glossy feeling even if they don’t look that way? (I like the look!)

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