stainless-keyStainless steel is perfect.

What other substance is so hard, so rust-free and looks great when it gets scratched?

I’ve written about perfection before. I think all humans long for it at some level. But it’s very hard to find. Maybe that’s why I like stainless steel so much.

(And a special thanks to my friend Dave, who gave me this Utili-key. It’s very useful, but when I had jury duty last fall, the guards insisted that I leave it in my car. “Drop that key! Put your hands up!” And airport security? I just left it home for the last few trips I made – wouldn’t have had time to go back to the car, if that was needed.)


2 Replies to “Perfection”

  1. Hey, Paul, what can that key do? It looks pretty cool, but I’m just curious what its range of talents are.

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