Retire online

retire-onlineI thought that this headline represented an unusual choice. I chalk it up to marketing innocence – or ignorance.

My thoughts were several: does this mean that I can retire if I start an online business? That Patty Duke has already retired online, except for her promising modeling career? That this website (not prominently featured) would help me to learn how to retire? That as an internet user, I am encouraged to help an older person who does not know how to use the internet?

Takeaway: Writers, let’s think a little more carefully before we publish those headlines.


3 Replies to “Retire online”

  1. “Retire online” is very ambiguous wording. Are there virtual assisted living places? Can I virtually move to Florida and take up shuffleboard? Will I surf the web in an RV? I suppose I could set up a retired persona on Second Life.

  2. Well, it caught your attention and got you to read the ad, didn’t it? That’s really the whole point of a headline.

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