Great contest

(Living a Better Story Seminar from Donald Miller.)

So, this looks like a pretty cool seminar. I’m not entering the contest, just because I don’t think I could win. But maybe you can and will.

Here’s what he says:

What you will win if you’re chosen:

1. We will fly you and a friend to Portland.

2. We will put you and your friend up in a swanky hotel.

3. We will vacuum the space around your seats and make sure you have fresh mints and bottled water.

4. You will receive a gift wrapped box in the mail. You are not allowed to open this box. You have to bring the box with you to the seminar. I will call you on stage and we will talk about your story before you can open the box.

Sounds fun to me!


3 Replies to “Great contest”

  1. Mr. Miller’s item # 4 reminded me of the movie “The Box”, which I’m guessing he has not seen.

  2. I believe that everyone who enters has an equal chance.
    Also it’s just inspiring to write a blog about why you think the seminar would help you.

    /random comment

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