WordCamp Boulder

(Yes, that’s two old marquee photos in a row. However, this one is fully in use – the Boulder Theater is a living venue.) What a great community Boulder/Denver is – that they could fill such a place with geeks interested in blogging! (WordCamp Boulder was Saturday July 10th.)

The event was great. All the sessions were interesting. It was a big contrast to DrupalCamp Colorado, last month, which was much more on the coding/geekiness end of the spectrum.

There were seminars on why it’s good to test your website before launching it, led by Steve Martin of CleverCubed. Another session included ideas like following a criticism with a suggestion on how to improve the problem. (That’s not applicable to just blogging!)

Finally, lots of freebies were thrown in the mix. I loved that iced coffee from Atlas Purveyors. Lunch was a $10 gift card to use at any one of many many restaurants in downtown Boulder.

I compare the Drupal community to those who prefer Linux – and the WordPress community to those who prefer Macs. Both have their time and place.


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  1. That’s an interesting analogy, considering how many Drupal folks use Macintoshes.

    I see Drupal as a bucket of Legos that you buy but the instructions are in spanish. You can build a house with it, but the first time you may forget to put in the door and windows, and have to rebuild it. WordPress has the walls pre-assembled, and has a video CD where someone shows you how to put the walls together properly… and then you find out that the color paint you want costs extra. 🙂

    1. Love your analogy, John!

      It’s that paint color that keeps the theme development experts eating their next meals.

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