More fun

Tumblr is a website platform that is sort of between a blog and Twitter.

Mine is over at shinybits. I use that space to put things that aren’t worthy of this blog. (Mostly I don’t want to clutter this space with that stuff.) And it’s a bit quicker to post.

Hope you enjoy it. And if you create your own, leave the link as a comment here on this blog, so others may enjoy your quick thoughts!


2 Replies to “More fun”

  1. No place to comment over there, and I can’t twitter. You posted a colorful thumb drive. I’ve seen one in a Barbie’s neck, one that looks like a shrimp, several that are hidden in weird keychains, all kinds of disguises. But I’ve only seen pictures, never any in stores.

    1. Glad you checked out my little Tumblr page, Tim.

      And store managers take note – stock some of those funny flash drives!!

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