The family that blogs together…

…stays together.

(I couldn’t resist that headline. And no, we don’t blog together. I’m the only blogging person in the family.)

Yes, that’s the back of our minivan.


5 Replies to “The family that blogs together…”

    1. Good catch, Paul.

      Actually, it was just that I didn’t look closely enough when I grabbed the stickers.

  1. My kids started me on Xanga, and now they do everything on Facebook. Reading their blogs was a good way to find out what they were thinking, because sometimes there was stuff they wouldn’t think to tell me during our daily phone call.

  2. Johanna – I wish to avoid gooey words whenever possible.

    Tim – Jay started a blog when we were in Nairobi, but he quit shortly after beginning. Jay & Ben are both on Facebook, but I rarely read their streams.

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