What was once cool

This mobile phone is maybe just five years old. I think it’s pretty cool. But it’s no longer useful – just more ephemera.

Thankfully, it will be getting a second life. The organization I work for has a program to recycle them and use the resulting profits for good.

Sort of off-topic… I think mobile phones are getting too big. Yes, I like having a keyboard for texting, but I miss when they were as small as this one. (It folds to half the size you see in my hand.)


5 Replies to “What was once cool”

  1. I for one am glad they’re bigger. The smaller phones were easier to lose in one’s purse. Not that that would have been a problem for you Paul.

  2. I had a lanyard on my previous phone, but lost it when I took it off to put on my new phone. I don’t like the precariousness of holding a small, slick phone without any texture. Annnd, I just discovered that I left mine at home this morning. Hmm…

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