Bad buying decision

My artistic daughter (also my only daughter, as it turns out) wanted a camera – so she could capture images through her eyes.

Since I love taking photos of weird things, and since she thinks a lot like me in those ways, I was quite happy to get a camera for her birthday. Knowing she is not a discriminating consumer, I bought the inexpensive HP you see here from It never worked right. You can see the little battery leak at the lower left corner. Somehow it drained the batteries so fast that she could only take about three photos before the batteries died. And by the time I figured it out, the warranty had expired. (And sadly, I could not even sell it with a clean conscience for a giveaway price on craigslist.)

Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s worth it to spend more to get a better whatever. The initial cost may be more, but it will cost you less in the long run.


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  1. and, as a dear friend once told me in response to my own buyer’s remorse of an HP digital,

    “HP makes printers.”

    i also tend to learn about buying quality the hard way.

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