Simple solution

We got this vacuum cleaner about a year ago. My mom died and we inherited it.

Anyhow, I like the bag-less aspect. Heather doesn’t.

But the one thing that they did wrong is the power cord. It comes out of the side! A very simple way to make cleaning rugs with it easier: have the cord come out of the top of the handle! As it is, I have to hold the cord with the other hand to keep it from running under the brushes.

(And yes, I miss my mom. I wish she were using it and not us.)


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  1. Every vacuum is designed the same stupid way: the cord comes out down low, and they have clips to hold it to the handle. Why not route inside the hollow plastic body, like you say? The old tank vacs often had retractable cords. I miss those, even though occasionally they were a pain.

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