Apple admits mistake

The new iPod Shuffle was released on September 1st. It might look familiar… it is nearly identical to the model two generations back. (In the photos, the next-to-latest is on top and the newest is on the bottom.)

You see, the gum-stick model was not easy to use. The controls were tiny – tucked onto the headphone cord. Not a good idea. So Apple went back to the model that did (and does) work well.

I haven’t seen a public apology… yet.

Top photo is from Wikipedia and bottom photo is from Apple.


Go digital

Recently I went on about how great it is to go analog – by writing or receiving a letter. Today I’ll backpedal. I think you should not save everything. Simply take a digital photo and then throw whatever away (or give it to your local charity shop). You will save yourself the hassle of throwing it away later.

At one time in my life, I may have saved this little moving tag. It’s a remnant of an era that passed several year ago. I may have put it in an envelope for looking at on a rainy day. (It rarely rains in Denver, though.)

And those analog letters you receive? Recycle them. If you really like them, save a few – but not all. (If your dad lives in a different town and never writes – and you finally get a real letter from him – by all means, save it! Just strive for balance.)

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