Vuka: social media success

Some of you may remember back a few days when I said some negative things about Vuka, a natural energy drink.

I take back what I said! I still sort of stand by what I said about aluminum thickness – but their incredible attention to customers’ needs is enough to easily win over this hard heart.

They read my review and left a thoughtful comment. Then they contacted me and sent a package over… via courier… with t-shirts, stickers, and several samples of the drink. So I have tried it – and it tastes great. It’s a great concept – the first healthy energy drink that I’ve heard of. (I have only tried one Monster drink – and it was close to drinking cough syrup. The chemicals contained in Monster are not necessarily things I like flowing through my bloodstream… not that I’m Mr. Healthy.)

So check out Vuka. Especially if you’re into energy drinks.


2 Replies to “Vuka: social media success”

  1. Sounds like the kind of company I rate.

    BTW, I like this blog design much better than previous incarnations (though I feel the blue links colour a bit incongruous: but it does make it obviously what are links, and Jakob Nielsen would love you to keep it like this, so …).


  2. Gotta give it up for great customer service!

    I don’t think I could put down the Red Bull though. That’s the only thing besides beer, water, and film in my fridge!

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