It tastes better

…when you do it yourself.

We planted an apple tree in our back yard, maybe six years ago. This year is the first where we got any significant apples out of the deal. And though they were small, they tasted great.

What is something that you did lately that gave more satisfaction than if you had just bought it?


3 Replies to “It tastes better”

  1. Hey Paul: We, and by “we” I mean “Ann,” made a cake Friday night with apples we’d picked that day in a local orchard, eggs from our hens, and wheat that the kids had ground earlier that afternoon. (Geesh, we sound sort of Amish!)

  2. Paul, it’s fun to see you post something filed under “Apple” that’s edible! Wonder how many simple English words now have such strong tech meanings that their original ones aren’t the ones that come to mind. I suppose language has always been like that. But I think of apple and inbox and desktop and menu and mouse and spam and mail, and realize you sometimes need qualifiers to use those words in their previous sense.

    Shane, I hope you enjoyed your cake! Way to soak up the midwest.

    I have enjoyed eating foods that contain no multi-syllabic ingredients, because I make them myself: bread, granola, applesauce, soup, pie, cakes, ice cream, all from scratch. And while novice cooking and baking attempts often produce results that could use some tweaking, I still buy into the basic idea that everyone who can read, can cook. (Maybe almost as well as our non-literate friends, too!)

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