Loss of innocence

This beautiful tree is in a park not far from the oldest part of my town. It’s probably as old as the oldest buildings.

What a great tree to climb!

Alas, such is not to be. Notice the fence surrounding the base? My guess as to why – liability issues. The city can’t be bothered with the cost of a lawsuit from some parent whose kid climbs the tree, falls down, breaks his leg and sues.

I miss the old days, when you could turn around without having to consider legal implications.


4 Replies to “Loss of innocence”

  1. Maybe it’s for the tree’s protection. There are some very old trees in my neighborhood, and occasionally a storm knocks one down. It’s a great loss, because an old-timer like that is such an important part of the landscape, and they are not easily replaced. Climbing on them can damage the bark, break limbs, etc, making them vulnerable to diseases and insects. Perhaps your city is trying to preserve a living landmark.

    1. Very good point, Deb!

      I also think you know what I mean about how some of life’s experiences have been ruined (or made impossible) because of the legal industry.

  2. Our HOA is always complaining about kids climbing trees for the reasons Deb B mentions above. In our case the trees are not landmarks but I do realize that trees cost a lot of money and take a long time to grow. But honestly I think trees are meant to be climbed on. Of course they bring beauty, benefit to the environment and the air, but goodness they bring a lot of joy to people who climb them. I ignore our HOA and let my kids climb.

    (this isn’t meant to be against what Deb is saying.)

  3. Ugh! This is sad. A good tree is meant to climb in, picnic under, retrieve your kite from, carve the name of your sweetie into, weep against, hang a tire swing…

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