Life is sometimes unfair

There’s this rich guy, you see. He owns the Indianapolis Colts. He has a guitar collection. A lot of really nice guitars. Nothing wrong with that. He can afford them. Or a lot of really nice pianos as well, if he wanted.

The thing that is unfair about this situation is that there are a lot of really good guitar players out there who can’t afford such guitars. My guess is that Mr. Irsay can’t play guitar that well.

My solution to this problem? Mr. Irsay could lend each one – for free – to the starving guitarists, for a few months each time. He could keep a few back just to look at each evening. As part of the deal, he could fly each one to his home for a private concert before the lending period started.

If guitars are like violins, they are healthier if played regularly.


3 Replies to “Life is sometimes unfair”

  1. Interesting idea … I understand. Your last statement is true, by the way.

    I one time invited a friend over to my house–a much better guitarist than I am. He has an instrument of poorer quality than my own. It put me to shame.

    Actually, I think the very unfair part about this is not that he owns the guitars, but if he took you up on your idea, he could enjoys lots of private concerts. Now *that* would be unfair.

    So I’ll tweak your idea a bit. He would have to invite over all his friends to hear these concerts.

    By the way, I get a kick out of your categories: FILED UNDER: LIFE – TAGGED WITH: UNFAIRNESS

  2. I have a couple of ill-used guitars at my house… anyone can come anytime and play them! I figure if I keep them around, I will play them, but if I DON’T have them I will definitely not so. there you go.

    Watching American Pickers alot lately and interested in the mindset of collectors. I mean they just put things in barns and let them pile up but then don’t want to ever sell them. Odd. I don’t understand it, but I guess I respect that it is a way of thinking, not my own.

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