My personal Twitter policies

I follow people I actually know.

I usually don’t follow companies I don’t know.

I follow those who follow me who seem to have interesting tweets.

I follow a few who I don’t know who have interesting tweets.

I like to tweet when I have something interesting to say.

And I like to discover new people!

You can follow me here. Or not.


3 Replies to “My personal Twitter policies”

  1. “I follow people I actually know.” — but I have followed people I don’t know, and then got to know them! So you don’t use Twitter to meet people? I am started over the hump of understanding it and I like it. I feel like I always have something to read. Oh and I recommend @littleyawps there is something nice about her. And also @mrsmediocrity

    1. Good comment, Elizabeth. You reminded me that my “policies” do not allow for the spontaneous nature of Twitter – and the serendipitous finding of new people.

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