Not adventurous enough

I didn’t try the ice cream toast. However, I did try the white coffee. Superb.

Old Town White Coffee is a restaurant chain in Malaysia. The atmosphere is retro – and yet polished. For those of you in North America, it might fall into what I call fast-slow food (more expensive and tasty than fast food – but cheaper – think Chipotle or Qdoba).

Old Town is successful enough that there are 171 outlets across Malaysia and Singapore. Starbucks doesn’t have that many – though in Malaysia’s largest city, Kuala Lumpur, it seems like there is one in every mall.

And just to quench your curiosity, Ice Cream Toast (Single) converts to about US $1. For that little, I should have tried it.


2 Replies to “Not adventurous enough”

  1. Footnote: While there, I *did* try the peanut butter toast. It tasted about like what you’d make at your home. Not bad.

  2. What??? How could you NOT try this? A perfect combo of my two favorite foods — I’m going to import THIS to America!

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