There are other ways of thinking

One thing I love about travel is that it forces you to see that other people think differently than where you come from.

Since Malaysia is predominately a Muslim country, their sympathies lie on the Palestinian side of the conflicts in Israel. In America, it’s the other way around.

It was healthy for me to reflect on how Malaysians are concerned for families whose lives have been upset or ruined by conflicts in Israel. And to share some of their concern.


One Reply to “There are other ways of thinking”

  1. Hi Paul, the same goes for Belgium, although people here are predominantly not really religious…. but even in the media, there is more support for Palestine than for Israël.
    When we lived in the USA, I found out there are more Jews in NYC than in Israël. Supposedly they are mostly very well of financially and have quite some influence on politics.
    It is indeed strange to see how cultures as a whole seem to lean more to one side than the other. In My opinion I think America(ns) more easily choose(s) side for the stronger, more organised one + closer to Christian religion and Europe(ans) more easy choose(s) side for the underdog. Palestine really is looked at as the victim here. I do hope they will be able to really stop fighting and make peace.

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