Not the best export

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be an American.

If the only music that came overseas from America was Air Supply, I might try for different citizenship.

Update from my brother (who knows far more about these things than I do)… Air Supply are from Australia – not America. However, it was certainly their popularity in America (a million years ago) that drove them to the level of fame they achieved.


5 Replies to “Not the best export”

  1. What, are you all out of love? Your wife isn’t every woman in the world to you? (now that’s a line I could never identify with)

  2. Ha! Shoot – I got all excited to call out the Aussy thing but your bro beat me to it. A nugget for you…it was in the Twin Cities that one of them fell off the stage, to much ridicule from the press. Which makes me think that Steven Tyler can’t even do *that* first!

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