A blessing lives on, with sadness

My mom died suddenly yesterday evening.

Jean was a month shy of 80. She had struggled with congestive heart failure for many years, and her ticker just quit ticking. She lived with chronic pain, so it’s sweet relief for her to be at the side of Jesus, who she devoted her life to.

She was a wonderful lady. Everyone who knew her loved her. She would make friends with anyone she came into contact with. The bank teller and Kenyan guy who worked at the gas station loved her. She was generous to a fault… over the top, sometimes. We (her kids) tried to get her to move to a more comfortable home, but she insisted on living in a humble one-bedroom apartment so she could give away money to those who needed it rather than “wasting it”.

Though it is with massive sadness that we say goodbye, her blessing lives on. I am hugely thankful for all she sacrificed for me and the wonderful lessons she gently taught me, my siblings, wife and kids.

I won’t be blogging for a while. I’ll be in Texas sorting things out with my sister who lives there and my brother.


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  1. Paul, I am so sorry for your loss. You’ve given us a wonderful picture of who she was, and I can see that much of that lives on in you and your generous nature.

  2. Our prayers go out to you, Sharon and your brother during this difficult time. Praise God she is released from this life.

  3. Paul, so sorry for your loss. That is never easy. I only met your mom once, at your wedding. But she left a lasting impression. I said something like “Oh Paul is such a special guy, we love him”. She tickled me by her reply, because she didn’t take it as a compliment to her of how well she had raised you, she just said how – yes, she knew you were great!- She was humble and loving in that small reply.
    take your time grieving
    love leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. In the short time that I’ve known you, I can see that her spirit of generosity lives in you. All of my hugs and Aloha to you and your family.

  5. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of her Paul. So sorry for your loss! You and the family are in our prayers.

  6. Wow. I’m so sorry. What a wonderful tribute to her you’ve written here.

    Please let us know if we can do anything for you while you’re in Texas. If you need to park the kids with us for a day at the pool or anything, we’re available.

  7. When my dad died a few years ago, I was able to really understand that odd mixture of sadness and happiness that comes with the death of a loved one who we know loves Jesus. We miss them every day, but know that they are in a much better place, and that we’ll see them again one day. I hope that while you’re going through your Mom’s things, there will be many happy rememberings. I’ll be praying for your and your family.

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