Something I’ve always wondered


If evolution is true, why haven’t all the salamanders evolved into humans? And if they did evolve up the chain, why did some evolve and others not?


2 Replies to “Something I’ve always wondered”

  1. Why would Salamanders evolve into human beings? Each species evolves to fill a niche – the secret is to find the right niche and exploit it. In evolutionary terms, human beings are no better than Salamanders. Actually, we may be worse than them because we seem to be hell-bent on destroying our niche and ourselves with it.

    Though I don’t accept evolution as the first cause for life on earth, it does work very well as a way of understanding why species do what they do.

  2. To me, one important concept here is that groups split. Groups of living things get divided, split up. Sometimes by physical divides, sometimes by a disease, sometimes by things we don’t understand. Some stay as they are, others end up changed. Some individuals are better able to adapt than others. It’s not all that different than what we see in people.

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