Cool new technology

At the Denver Auto Show, the Saab display was amazing. Not for the cars (though I do like the new 9-5) but rather for the giant screen at the end of their rectangle. It was one giant TV. (Sadly, the top photo does not do it justice.) It was made of LED panels that were assembled for the show. Think: one of those giant displays at a big-city football field, only one that the roadies can take apart and reassemble multiple times.

The lower photo shows a closeup of the backside of the display. Each panel section was about 2 x 3 feet and was made of lightweight white plastic.



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  1. I took Daniel to the auto show on Saturday — I was also taken by the display (which may have drawn attention away from the cars) — large enough to see as we first entered the doors of the convention center. Like you, I examined the engineering detail, grateful that attendees had a chance to walk behind the display to see how it worked. (We also really enjoyed the car show!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it too! And it’s great that Daniel was able to enjoy the show.

      We simply MUST meet up one of these days.

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