Name three bands or musicians that you hope to see live some day

I’m not going to answer. However, I will tell you one band I wish I had seen, back in about 1976… Little Feat. Their two albums, The Last Record Album and Feats Don’t Fail Me Now were incredible.

Alas, I won’t see them live now. I’m generally not into seeing old bands in their current forms. Most of the time, they are a sad shadow of their former selves. My son saw U2 a few weeks ago. I would have gone to that show, except for how I greatly prefer seeing live music in much smaller settings.

By the way, I would love to hear your answer to which three bands or musicians you would like to see. (And thanks to Plinky for that great prompt.)


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  1. I would like to see Low, King Crimson & Kathleen Edwards.

    Also, I would like to have seen the Beatles at their prime (around 1969-70) and Pink Floyd with both Waters & Gilmour.

  2. I would like to see: Andrea Bocelli, The Dan Band, and Incubus.

    I would’ve liked to see: Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, and Jimi Hendrix.

  3. Romuald Tecco, former first chair violinist for The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, performing “The Lark Ascending” by Vaughn Williams as his final performance with the orchestra in 1997. I heard it on the radio and recorded it. Would’ve liked to have been there.

  4. In my college days I saw Moody Blues, Santana, Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, U2 (for $4.75!). I wouldn’t mind seeing U2 and Santana again. REM would be excellent.

    When I was a freshman, the Beach Boys and the Doobie Bros. each played concerts at KU. I didn’t go because at the timeit seemed better to invest in an album ($6) than a one-time performance ($8), and I didn’t like the direction the Doobies had gone with their music anyway.

  5. If David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler came through, I’d try to see them if I could afford it.

    1. Tim, I would have enjoyed seeing the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt & U2 back then. (I saw U2 in about 1982, but it was in a huge arena, and I was on the very top row.)

      I did see the Beach Boys and the Doobie Brothers back then. And I saw REM about 3 times in the 80s. I wouldn’t want to see them now. Mark Knopfler? That would be a good show.

  6. Wow — being the age I’m at now, it is easier to go back in time and list the 3 I wish I had saw. How sad is that? I’m going to start there, and then think forward!

    Wish I woulda seen:
    Bowie in the 70’s
    Led Zeppelin
    Lou Reed

    Would like to see right now:
    U2 (I’ve seen them before, but they always seem relevant)
    The Black Keys (they’re sold out here on current tour)

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