One thing I regret giving away

My first iPod.

I bought it on eBay. It worked great for maybe four years. Then it died.

Compared to more recent iPods, it was a brick. But it was amazing for the time – and is still a work of art.

My minimalistic lifestyle sometimes betrays me.


3 Replies to “One thing I regret giving away”

    1. I have an iPod Touch, next-to-latest generation. (No camera on board.) Works great. Not as much capacity as my old 20 gb model, but that just requires a little creative shuffling of music from time to time.

  1. I owned every generation of the iPod except the first one, up until the iPhone came out. Now I have a few of these things lying around – wasting space.

    My buddy, Bryan, uses the 1st Gen still as his primary device. Going strong!

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