Relic of the past

This motorcycle was made in about 1970 by a German company, Mammoth. When I was a kid, I got the book, Motorcycles: Classics and Thoroughbreds. This lovely machine graced the cover. I love how it’s so ugly that it almost becomes beautiful.

From age three, I was into anything that had wheels. I still am. (Some things never change.)

I always thought it would be great fun to have a motorcycle. However, roughly half a lifetime ago, I decided the potential for losing my life or becoming disabled wasn’t worth the risk. Then my good friend Gary’s accident confirmed this decision.

So I’ll stick with my Lotus. (I wish.)


4 Replies to “Relic of the past”

  1. I can tell you from personal experience that a disability can happen from even safe activities. Sometimes you gotta step out of the boat. I always loved motorcycles!!

    1. I still love motorcycles. But it’s a calculated risk – and I choose to avoid that one.

      I said many years ago that anything fun is dangerous, and I still believe that – love, for example. But diving off a tall cliff may not be the way I’d choose to have that particular danger thrill. Sky diving? I’d sign up the minute someone gave me a free pass.

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