Better in each place

We just got back from a family vacation to Europe. Lest you think we are extravagant jet-setters, we went to see my sister who lives in Belgium. And since our oldest is about a year from leaving the nest, this may be our last family vacation for a long time.

Visiting another country spotlights things that are different. In England, school uniforms are common. Advantage? Kids don’t need to spend a lot to look cool. Disadvantage? Kids aren’t able to show their individuality.

It’s like that with just about every area of life. Cars? I love European. Homes? I love the increased space that American homes have for similar money.

So remember when you start to criticize another place – your home isn’t perfect. And if you haven’t traveled to another country, take the opportunity to do so. (USA people? Even Canada and Mexico are worth the hike.)


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  1. Paul, I am glad you got the chance to see Europe! Yay! The idea that kids lose their identity wearing school uniforms is bonkers. The benefits SO outweigh the negatives, especially for the economically disadvantaged. I went to private school fo 12 years (Catholic) and there was PLENTY of other ways for kids to assert their self identity that didn’t involve fashion… AND there were many ways including fashion they could still express themselves, including hairstyles, hair clips, makeup brands, belt buckle, earrings, shoes, and so on.

    btw, Banff/Jasper and the Glacier Parkway in Albert (on the BC border) in the Canadian Rockies is AMAZING. So beautiful. I highly recommended it for summer vacation sometime.

  2. Like
    Just got back from a cruise in the Mediterranean–ditched cellphone, internet and email for 2 weeks–didn’t miss ’em. Interacted with those God has placed in my life; took lots of shots in Rome, Sicily, Athens, Ephesus, Santorini, Rhodes, Pompeii, Naples and Sorrento

  3. Elizabeth – I was just trying to think of one thing that was bad about uniforms. Not a good aspect, I guess.

    Carl – glad you had a good time!

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