The rental car experience

Rental car gaugesOur minivan was in the shop for a few weeks. Someone (ahem, not me) did some damage to the body that took a while to repair. We have fantastic car insurance, so our insurance company paid for a rental car for the whole time.

The rental car was a Dodge Avenger – a “mid-sized” American sedan – pretty generic. The quality was not bad. There were a few details that didn’t quite measure up. One was the ensemble of gauges. (If you click on the image, you can see more detail.) Sitting straight-ahead, the left edge of the tachometer was not visible. And the typeface for the speedometer was a really poor choice.

A very fun aspect to the rental car experience was the surprise that awaited me when I loaded up a CD… there was already a CD in the player. So I pushed it back in. Cheezy, syrupy Chinese pop music filled the car.

Chinese music CDJust before returning the car, I faced a dilemma. I had forgotten to take a photo of the CD to share with you. So would I leave the CD in there as a surprise for the next renter who would try to listen to a CD? Or should I bring it home so I could take a photo? Alas, passing on the blessing to the next renter went by the wayside. So I’m passing on the blessing to you (minus the audio portion).


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  1. We have a Chinese foreign exchange student living with us. Maybe she would like the CD! Though usually she listens to classical Korean music. Who would have thought?

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