A tip for your motoring pleasure

flat tireSo we had a flat. What made it fun was that our spare tire had no air pressure. The result was not as bad as it could have been, but an hour of our lives and our rescuer’s life could have been spent doing more fun things than recovering from that minor crisis.

Tip: check the air pressure in your spare tire every once in a while. I promise it will save you some hassle.


2 Replies to “A tip for your motoring pleasure”

  1. I came out of church a few weeks ago to find a flat tire on my van. My spare was also flat. A friend drove to a gas station and brought me a can of flat fixer, but it gushed right through the hole. I called my daughter, and she picked up the flat tire and me. Turned out the tire had two holes, a screw and a nail that I had apparently picked up just as I arrived at church.

    That week I bought an old tire from a junkyard to replace the spare. I prefer a regular tire because it gives me more confidence than a donut spare does, if I have to go a long distance to find a shop.

    Besides a spare, it’s handy to have an electric pump or a can of flat fixer in the car. Once or twice I’ve used my nailing compressor to air up a tire, when I happened to have it in the car and it happened to have pressure.

  2. I took your suggestion to heart. This morning I was already at the tire place for a regular rotation, but I also replaced the donut spare with a fully-inflated used tire (full size & warrantied) for a good spare.

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