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A letter to the editorMy uncle snail-mailed me this letter to the editor he recently wrote. He was thrilled to see his name in print. I have wondered what makes some of us enjoy that recognition. Here are a few ideas why:

  • We like the idea that someone else thought our concepts were good enough to be seen by their audience.
  • We like the idea that our ideas are being seen by a larger number of people than if we were just talking with a friend.
  • There’s the possibility that someone will take our idea and make a difference – or give us a related idea that will make a difference.

By the way, I appreciate his point in the letter. I am very frustrated when I see the numbers spinning past so fast. ($10,000 is added to the US national deficit every second.)


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  1. Two unrelated comments (to each other): (1) I like your relatively positive reasons we like to see our name in print, and I have no doubt that do apply in your case and Uncle George’s, but I will admit my own reasons are sometimes more vain. It’s just an ego stroke, “15 seconds of fame,” etc. (2) The deficit problem is a serious one that needs to be fixed, but it’s worth noting that the deficit has been DEcreasing for awhile now ( This fact would probably stun opponents of the President, some of whom would probably claim the numbers had been rigged or faked in some way.

  2. (Wishing I could edit my comment, as I left out a word, “… that THEY do apply…”) Also, Uncle George’s LTE was about the national DEBT, which is a separate though related thing from/ to the DEFICIT.

    1. Bill: Yes, the internets don’t always treat us right… But your follow-up point corrected the wrong.

      Good to know that the nat’l deficit is decreasing – in some measure. (The numbers continue to grow, so – it may be the rate that is decreasing.)

  3. I know how he feels. I occasionally write for our local papers, and when published I post the articles on my blog with a lead in of “as published in the … issue of ……” Everyone wants to be heard and think that they make a difference

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