The name flush

missing nameI have a great ability to forget your name immediately after you tell me. This is not good.

Why do I forget? Maybe at a subconscious level, I think I don’t need to remember your name. Definitely, I am overwhelmed with keeping up with the flood of information I need to remember for work or to keep the wheels of life spinning. In any case, when I forget your name, I am cheating you. I am cheating myself. At a very basic level, if I remember your name, I am telling you that I value you. I am opening the door to a relationship and am showing you I think you are worth getting to know.

Work with me on this. Let’s try to remember names.


3 Replies to “The name flush”

  1. Boy, you and me both! I have the worst time, even when I TRY to remember someone’s name, and especially when I meet more than one new person at a time.

  2. Hi Paul, we just went on a music camp for 5 days, so we were getting to know many new names… in the past I also used not to remember names. this time I really didn’t want it to go that way, so I told myself and REALLY listened and concentrated, then repeated each name I heard, from each new person and it worked amazingly well… I didn’t want to rely on Amy to remember names. kind of taking responsability for my memory.

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